Dylan Riley Snyder, one of the stars of the Disney XD comedy, “Kickin’ It” is aiming to raise cancer awareness of among children and teens. He has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to spread awareness of the awful and often heart wrenching disease. He also became the official Youth Ambassador for the LOLLIPOP Theater Network.

The young actor will work with Relay Recess, a program specifically designed for kids by the American Cancer Society. The program helps educate young children on the disease while helping them learn the importance of community service. During the month of April and May Dylan Riley Snyder will be encouraging kids to raise money and raise awareness.

The school that get the most involved with the Relay Recess program and raises the most money wins a visit from Dylan. He also visits children’s hospitals with LOLLIPOP Theater Network, and helps to bring a bit of normalcy to the lives of children unable to leave the secure environment due to illness.

Dylan currently portrays Milton, the geeky, book-loving kid that turns into a Karate expert thanks to the Bobby Wasabi karate studio and the support of his friends.

You can watch the video of Rhythm of Hope with Dylan Riley Snyder – “The Shnooz,” below: