Bridgit Mendler Talks Music and Good Luck Charlie Not Ending?


Bridgit Mendler recently had her first interview in Germany with Bravo TV. In her first ever German interview, she talks about her tour, next few months, album, relationship and of course her hit TV series Good Luck Charlie. She answers questions regarding how she manages her off screen/onscreen romance as well as questions on her album. But perhaps her biggest subject was talking about how Good Luck Charlie might actually survive! She claims that her words about it ending was taken out of context and that the cast is still interested in making a fifth season, but that option remains in Disney’s hands. You can hear her whole interview down below to find out what she all had to say.

I give her props for stepping up and saying her words were taken out of context. But lets be honest, chances of a fifth season are next to never. Disney Channel just doesn’t roll that way and she needs to be honest with her fans. We all know that a fifth season of her series is not going to happen at this rate. Disney is unlikely to change their plans on that, as we all saw with Wizards of Waverly Place last year.

Do you think Bridgit was sugar coating it or do you think she really meant what she said? I would like to think she meant it, but you never really know these days. I still feel like honesty would be better, especially when it comes to how Disney does production on these series. Plus with her current passion for music, I just don’t see how that would bode well with a full filming schedule for long term. You really got to focus on one or the other, and since music is her current one I think that speaks volumes on where her heart is right this moment.

article source-Teen InfoNet

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