Bella Thorne Shares Favorite Kind Of Kisses


Bella Thorne is not afraid of talking about being kissed, at least when it comes to doggie kisses. She recently shared a photo of her pet dog giving her doggie kisses, which she claims to love. As anyone who has a pet they adore will likely agree with Bella, but most also do not share a photo of the sweet moment between owner and pet. Luckily she did, even though some may find the photo not the best choice to show to the world. But we can say that at least she is enjoying life during her break from filming Shake It Up. As for what she all had to say about doggie kisses, here is her full tweet.

I love when he gives me kisses

Not bad, especially since she kept it good for all ages to read. So far she has stayed pretty good about staying within the right behavior for a role model and I hope that doesn’t change. I think if anything she and Zendaya Coleman are some of the better role models out there right now for fans. I love how both girls keep their images clean and stay connected with their fan bases as their careers move forward, That will be a useful tool to have once they move on from Disney.

How do you feel about this photo? Is it proper or not? I don’t see anything wrong with it, even if she might have phrased it wrong for some. At least she is being honest and shows just what a great bond a human and their pet can have. Maybe she will be able to influence others to adopt pets, which would be a great outcome for all of those animals out there that need a home. However, I will admit that I doubt that was her goal with this whole photo/post.

image source-Bella Thorne via Twitter

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