Austin Mahone Cracks Joke Over Being Caged?


Austin Mahone may have a lot to learn on what is proper joke is in the eyes of the public. He recently shared a photo of himself being behind what appears to be a curtain and some bars (such as a stage curtain or something similar), which he jokes as a cage. It isn’t clear as why he would suggest that as a cage, but he did seem to find the comment humorous. It will remain to be seen if he will face any flack for the potentially “offensive” comment. However, on the lighter side here is what he had to say about the photo of himself taking a slice of pizza.

Feeding me through my cage! lol

I don’t know what to say exactly about his comment, other than the fact that he has good taste in food. I am hoping that this doesn’t become an epic issue for him sort of like it has for Justin Bieber. I think Austin should be able to speak his mind, even if he does make some silly mistakes. He is still young and I think that he is just trying to have fun even though he might not realize the future impact of his own comments. It should be about more of his music than anything else. Same goes for Justin of course.

How do you like Austin’s joke? It has humor in it, but I think a different spin or take on it would have been better for him. As for the actual photo, it isn’t bad at all. He looked happy, and best of all he was being able to have some time to feed himself. I think we can all agree that he needs little breaks every now and then, which is nice to see that he doesn’t mind sharing those kind of moments with us. Hopefully he will be able to share many more as his journey continues.

article & image source-Austin Mahone via Instagram

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  1. Ryder Monroe

    April 22, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    People need to just STFU!!!! I mean come on!!! I thought that it was funny and cute!!!!! People need to calm down and have a since of humor!!!!!

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