Zendaya Wraps Up Third Shake It Up Season


Disney Channel’s Shake It Up just wrapped up filming their third season just in time for Zendaya Coleman to do Dancing with the Stars. Bella Thorne and Zendaya’s hit series will take a break between seasons so they can focus on other projects before heading back to film what will likely be the last season of their show. The hiatus between seasons for Disney shows does seem to be standard, but this is the first one that I am aware of it being announced. However, to get back on topic here Zendaya wrote a tweet thanking her fans and be grateful for the amazing job that she has that she shared with the photo of her being on set for the last time this season. Here is what she wrote in her tweet.

THAT’S A WRAP YA’LL!! I’m truly beyond blessed to be a part of something so beautiful and all I can say is thank you

Wow, I am shocked that she seems to be so happy for the third season to end. I know the way she phrased it likely caused some concern for some, thinking that they won’t have a 4th season. So far that hasn’t been confirmed or denied, so I do think a fourth one will happen. It is just a shame that they haven’t addressed it yet, especially with so many fans freaking out with worry that their favorite series ending. Disney should come out and address this issue soon before the rumors get too crazy at this rate and cause more damage than they need right now.

How do you like the photo and Zendaya’s message? They were lovely, but she should have phrased it differently in order to prevent the confusion that it started. However, this is big news for Zendaya since this will be her first big solo project and that is exciting. She clearly drums up enough interest for ABC to scout her and get her to sign on for the season. I think this could be a good sign that she will have a solid career once her Disney days are officially over, whenever that may be in the future. Don’t you agree that this is a good sign of a promising career for Zendaya?

image source-Zendaya Coleman via Instagram

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