Zendaya Practices For Dancing with the Stars


Zendaya Coleman must not get enough of dancing since she joined Dancing with the Stars. With the March 18th premier heading our way, Zendaya has been working hard to prove that she can dance in a real competition with the best of them. During her practice she decided to share a photo of her practice in which she brags about how hard she is working to achieve the very best score that she can get. And speaking of dancing, her cast mate Bella Thorne posed for a photo with her other cast mates for their final dance of the third season of Shake It Up. You can catch both photos down below this post, as well as both of Bella and Zendaya’s tweets.

Let’s start with what Zendaya had to say about her practice session with dance partner-

Team work makes the dream work!! @iamvalc #DWTS #Valdaya #doinourthizzle

Bella on the season’s last dance-

Will u save the last dance for me?

It seems like those 2 girls just cannot get enough of dancing! I wonder how they can keep it all up? It sounds like that would be so hard to do, let alone to do it for your job and be willing to do it on another show. Zendaya must really love it, or why else would she be willing to jump on a show all about it? I suppose it could help keep her in shape for the next season, which I do assume they will get. Disney Channel usually allows 4 seasons and they just ended their third one in filming. So that would be a bonus, but we already know that she can dance and I really don’t see the point in doing this unless she really wanted too. I feel like in a way that series must be hurting for people to come on, hence why they asked her to join so young in her career.

How do you like the photos? Does Bella and Zendaya need to keep on dancing like they have been? For their TV series, yes, but for their workouts or even other projects no. They don’t want to wear out their love for it, especially with a new season of their show coming up shortly in (most likely). That will make it seem like work and not fun, which I doubt they want to feel it like that. Yes, they are young and have a lot of energy, but they are human and I do wonder what is driving poor Zendaya behind this choice.

picture sources-Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman’s Twitters

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