Teo Halm Joins Girl Meets World as Elliott Matthews


The Disney Channel has found Rowan Blanchard’s brother for Girl Meets World (aka: the spin-off of Boy Meets World). Teo Halm will play Riley’s older brother, as well as Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel’s son Elliott. The series is in pre-production with a goal of premiering later on this year. It will be a direct spin-off of the show, following the life of Riley as she enters her teen years and learns similar lessons as her father did before. The series already has had some table readings and has a big part of the cast lined up, while it will remain to be seen if other former cast members will come on the series or not yet.

I am glad that they have chosen someone new again to play Elliott. I think this will help make a career or at least put him up high enough in case this series fails to be seen by others. I personally cannot wait to see how the whole Matthew’s family will be on the series. I don’t doubt that Cory and Topanga will hold on to some of their past character traits that they had as younger characters. That will certainly help to make for a stronger series since they did make the show so funny with each other and their families. However, with that being said I do expect we will be seeing their more grown up side since they will be playing parents this time around.

Do you support their choice for their kids? I do, I think they do look like Danielle and Ben a little, which helps. But the big deal will be the whole cast and their chemistry. Hopefully they will mesh well and be able to support each other while holding on to their own. I think in the end that is what makes or breaks a family TV series, especially since it will also be a spin-off and that factor has to play in as well. We already know that Topanga and Cory have the chemistry, but what about those who play their kids? That will remain to be seen, but hopefully they made good choices in their casting picks for this much raved about series idea.

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