Robert Pattinson Spotted with Kristen Stewart Again


Are they or are they not? Hollywood’s most famous questioned couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were finally seen together again after 2 months apart. Both of them had crazy work schedules that kept the over super close love bugs apart, which Robert likely didn’t mind too much. However, those days are over as they went out with a group of mutual friends and posed for a photo with a fan LanyPoo (the girl in the photo with them Instagram or Twitter name). The photo quickly hit the web and went all over the place, reminding fans that they haven’t gone anywhere and will likely stay around for a while (even with a shy Rob, according to an eye witness from the night the photo was snapped).

I am not sure how I feel, it is nice to see they they are able to stay in contact with each other. But I am still not sure why Rob has given her a second chance. I think she hurt her credibility more than she realizes and I doubt trust comes easy now for him to have in her. Granted, they could still be testing out the waters, hence why she visited Taylor Lautner when Rob was in Australia for The Rover. I suppose we cannot expect either one of them to address the speculation anymore, unless they do break up and go viral with their problems with one or another. But even then that is highly unlikely.

How do you feel about this photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Was it needed or do you think we should just not care about their relationship status? I know so many fans became attached to their romance in the movie as characters and have since reflected it on the actual stars, so it makes for an emotional rollercoaster. But with that being said, we should support them no matter what and it is unlikely that these 2 will have a lasting relationship due to their ages and the fact that the trust issue will remain big most likely for the rest of their relationship. So I am not even sure if they should even be together now right now, but they are and I suppose we need to try to trust Robert’s opinion on this whole thing right now.

image source-Laura_Austin via Instagram article source-Cambio

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