Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Team Up – Vampire Diaries Preview


CW has released the official clip and preview from this week’s Vampire Diaries episode, “American Gothic“. In the episode we see Katherine’s return, Stefan and Damon teaming up to compete with Elena and Rebekah for the cure. The question remains about which team will actually win, though. We all know that both teams want to win, one so Elena doesn’t have to take it while the other is so she can take it. It looks like this cat and mouse game will continue until the end of the season. You can catch both preview down below.

I am rooting for Damon and Stefan all the way. Rebekah and Elena are just trouble makers at this point and I am not even sure if Rebekah would remain happy as a human again. She has been a vampire for so long now, it has to be like second nature for her. So why would you want to switch back to be a human after you have all of this power, never turn old and can pretty much do whatever you want? It makes zero sense to me at all, but I don’t think she will stop until one of the teams has the cure.

How do you feel about this cat and mouse game? Should Elena not take it and stay a vampire, or is she too much trouble as one? I say she is too much trouble. However, I can see why she would want to remain one. Unless she turns her humanity back on and becomes a nice girl again, I don’t see how staying a vampire would benefit her at all. It seems almost like too much power for her, especially when she is still extremely immature in a lot of ways. Maybe if she can grow up, then they can revisit the idea but even then I wouldn’t trust her, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder Team Up.

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