One Direction Play Cupid & Add 10th Tour Date


With One Direction touring and adding new dates like their newest one (you will read the tweet below), they have also been looking for new ways to have fun. They seem to think that they found a new passion of being a match maker. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson decided to set up 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford and Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony. Michael decided to tweet out his crush to Camila, which Louis then decided to invite her to come so she could be Michael’s date. Camila seemed to the like the idea and agreed to it (however, we have no clue if she did attend or not). Then later on, Harry chimed in and said that Michael is a great guy to Camila. Here is how the whole event went down on Twitter.


@camilacabello97 Ok I’m crushing on you hard,


@camilacabello97 @michael5sos I’m sure you could come as Michael’s +1? 5sos are on tour with us so…


Perfect! Imma hold ya to it : ) See ya’ll soon!


Hiiii @camilacabello97 just introducing you to my good pal @michael5sos! He’s a real nice guy!

As for what Harry had to say about a 10th tour date being added-

Guys we cannot believe we are about to say this but we are adding another date to the TMH tour to play a total of 10 shows at the 02 Arena!!

Wow, they sound like a great team who wants to help their friend out. I hope that it does work out for all four, even though Harry and Louis shouldn’t get too involved. After all, it isn’t their relationships that we are talking about here, but other peoples. It was a nice effort, but the rest of it belongs in their hands so the potential couple can see if it would work. That isn’t fair to Camila or Michael, whom both likely want to succeed in any future relationships and it seems like they might be getting a little too attached to the idea of those two dating.

Do you think Harry and Louis have become too attached to the couple? Yes, and that concerns me. You would think that they would want to focus on their own love lives more or at least their careers. But no, they seem determined to play cupid and while that is cute, I think they could spend their time more wisely on other things in life right now.

article sources-Twist & Nickutopia

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