One Direction Do Harlem Shake & Pez


Move over PSY, the Harlem Shake has taken over the web and some of today’s biggest stars are joining in the fun. Both Austin Mahone and One Direction recently released videos of them joining in the popular meme (or at least 1D video that appears to be the case). Austin joined in the fun at the Rodeo Houston event, which he seemed to be enjoying himself as well as enjoying giving his fans an unique video from him. However, with One Direction it appears that the boys were not trying to do the dance but the video was edited to make it look to be so. It appears that fans placed the music in the background and edited the video to make it appear to be the case. You can see for yourself in the video down below, along with Austin’s take on the meme. In the mean time, fans of One Direction can join a bidding war for a set of one of a kind Pez dispensers that are modeled after them. The auction is part of their Comic Relief event that they joined to help raise money for the cause. The auction is open to bids until March 4th.

It seems like no matter what the world cannot get away from memes. It will be interesting to see if One Direction does decided to actually join in the whole meme thing. That would be fun since they already have taken dance lessons, which I am sure would help all of them do a good job at the Harlem Shake. Yes, I am aware that it isn’t a serious dance, but I don’t see any harm being done if they decided to use what they learned in dance class to make the dance their own. In fact, it would be a great way to show what fans can expect from them in the future of their own dancing.

How do you like the two videos? Should One Direction join in with a real Harlem Shake dance meme or not? They should if they want, but only if they truly want to. I don’t think fans should force something on them if they don’t want to do something so light or fun. At least with Austin he actually makes sure that he does things that he enjoys, even if it isn’t everyone else’s cup of tea.

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