One Direction 3D Movie Title “This Is Us!”


Today it was announced that the title of One Direction’s upcoming 3D movie is “This Is Us!”

Liam Payne tweeted the name to his followers and said he was looking forward to them getting a chance to watch the documentary when it comes out in August.  He posted: “so proud to announce that our upcoming movie is officially titled ‘This is Us’! Can’t wait for you guys to see it!” His boss Simon Cowell also took to the social media site to praise the boyband’s work ethic.  He said: “One Direction continue to amaze me. Hard workers but still the nicest guys you could hope to work with.”  The film is directed by Supersize Me’s Morgan Spurlock.  This Is Us will not only give us a look at five of our favorite guys shirtless, but we’ll see the jokes they play on each other, and also get a look at life on the road “through their eyes.” Oh, and not to mention we get to hear there accents for over an hour.

Director Morgan Spurlock shows us the highs of what life is like on the road with One Direction. It’s nothing but jokes– and thousands of screaming girls– as they take over the biggest venues across the world.  What do you think about this?  Are you excited for the movie?

Source News: Teen Info Net

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