Nina Dobrev Has Massage at Conan O’Brien Show


Nina Dobrev likes to relax just like everyone else. She is also not afraid to take time to enjoy herself when the opportunity presents itself. She recently was backstage on the Conan O’Brien show where she sat down in a cozy massage chair. The nice seat provided a way for her and other guest to relax before hitting the hot seat on Conan’s show, where he asks both comical and semi serious questions. She shared a picture of her chair massage and a message about it.

Backstage @ CONAN -No wonder guests seem relaxed when they’re on the show…nerves melt away. @conanobrien @brookstone #massagechair #bliss

Nina Dobrev proves that she is just like the rest of us. She loves creature comforts, too. Despite the fact that she is a big name celebrity in a widely popular television show, she’s just a regular girl who loves to relax and have a good time, even if it’s just something as simple as sitting in a massage chair and sharing the picture with her fans. True, it isn’t anything stellar, but at least she shows that she is normal just like her boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder. It appears that they both have no desire or need of being the biggest celebrity couple on and off screen. I love that and I would hope that this could rub off on some of their fellow stars who seem to forget that they are just average people who struck it lucky.

It looks like Nina was having a good time backstage. I think for most celebrities, enjoying the perks that come with being a star is one of the most enjoyable benefits that come with stardom has got to be a highlight. It doesn’t matter how big or famous you become, everyone loves to sit in a cozy seat from time to time. Nina’s photo will certainly make her fans happy as they get a small glimpse of her fun loving personality. How do you feel about this photo? Do you think it gives a glimpse into Nina’s life? As I said before, I think it does but then I always think it’s great when celebrities show off their fun side to fans.

article and picture source- Nina Dobrev

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