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Nina Dobrev went a little wild in this week’s The Vampire Diaries episode, “Bring It On“. Elena was told to turn off her humanity much to the dismay of Paul Wesley’s Stefan, while she follows since her sired Damon (Ian Somerhalder) told her so. Due to her lack of it, she goes overboard and does some not very Elena like at all. Can she ever be the same girl that she was or in some way did Damon do what he always wanted to do break the bond? That seems uncertain as they keep their hands busy with babysitting Elena and her bad side.

It starts off with Stefan and Damon talking about turning Elena’s emotions back on, which Stefan claims helps to make her more human. Damon sees no reason to, since she pretty much lost everything she ever cared about. The good point he made rang a bell with Stefan, but he still felt that she needed her humanity back since that was whom she was and she doesn’t need to lose herself on top of all of this. All the while they talk about the fate of Elena and her humanity, she is playing tricks to get a fill of her inner vampire who has lost all control over her urges. Playing tricks on innocent people, Damon catches up with her and pleads with her to be normal without attacking people and making it hard for any of the super natural to live there. Of course Elena acts like it isn’t a big deal and even insist that this is what Damon wants, so he can freely be with her now knowing just how evil she can be as well. Not exactly a winning pick up line, but she milks her seductiveness between both brothers even more so now than before. Stefan is even teased by her stretching and changing in front of him, which he points out as Katherine like behavior that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She even crudely points out that both brothers have seen it all before, which leads us to believe that she still wishes to play both guys. Luckily Stefan tries to reason with her like Damon, but tries to warn her about being a ripper and wants her to turn on her feelings. This causes her to be angry in which she tells him he could benefit to turn off his own. All a while this is going on, Damon still searches for Katherine and deals with Rebekah who won’t quit following him. They both try to get info from Klaus (who finds himself falling for Hayley, who helped Katherine out and is being used by sassy Klaus), especially after blood banks being robbed clean, but it doesn’t take long for him to discover the real cause of that.

The second story plot has to deal with Elena returning to school with Caroline after Damon tells her to. Elena decides that she wants to return to cheer, despite Caroline not thinking that as the best option for her. However, as a good friend she decides to comply and quick regrets her decision. Elena goes on a feeding frenzy, despite Damon asking her not to have a feast while she is at school. Due to her having no feelings the sire bond comes as useless since she feels nothing, much to her delight. However, this causes more problems since she winds up hurting her best friend, Caroline whom she also rudely rubs in the lack of Tyler. Needless to say, Caroline tries to help tame the wild Elena down but doesn’t have much success with. However, it does appear that she and Stefan will finally get a break from Elena and her bad side thanks to a wild idea by Damon. The question is, does Elena have a right to trust him or is he doing more good for her than harm?

Whew, that was a rollercoaster of an episode. I am shocked with just how bad Elena was in it. I would have thought that she would want to please Damon, but it seems like his wish has worked and the question is if they can fix her before she goes over the edge? Stefan clearly understood that by wondering if they can even help her gain back what she lost? I suppose that will partly help feed into the season finale as we approach closer to it. I don’t see the writers resolving it anytime before that since it will help drum up interest and viewers for the next weeks ahead of us.

Now for the fun part, do you think Elena will ever return to her normal state or will she forever be this bad one? I hope they can fix her, but unless she wants to I don’t see what they will be able to do to help her. She has no ties or sire bond right now, which sort of places her and everyone else in a sour place. Hopefully they can save her, even if it does require some dirty work that Stefan and Damon don’t particularly want to do. Nina Dobrev Goes Mad.

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