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Nina Dobrev and Claire Holt forge a strange partnership in this week’s The Vampire Diaries episode, “Because of the Night“. It was all about Damon trying to outsmart evil Elena, who happens to have found a new friend in the equally evil Rebekah. Poor Stefan and Damon don’t stand a chance, or do they despite the fact that we no longer have the sweet and humane Elena that they fell for. So how did this all come about? How come Elena has paired up with her sworn enemy, Rebekah? Where is Bonnie and why is Klaus helping Stefan who is still taking care of things back at Mystic Falls? Let’s take a better look at what went on that episode and see if we can get any hints at what is coming our way from it.

The main story was Damon and Elena head to NYC, so he can try to help her get out of this inhumane side of herself. With lots of drinking and parties, it appears that Damon starts to work his magic on her by telling her a story about one of his exes. Elena plays along, knows that he is up to something and confides into party crasher Rebekah. Elena’s sworn enemy is tailing Damon in hopes of finding Katherine before he does. Ever since she beat them in finding the cure to bribe Klaus, Damon and Rebekah have been battling it out who will find the cure. It is no secret that she wants to use so she can be human again. However, Damon wants to use it on Elena against her wishes since Elena likes the new version of her. So she lets Rebekah know that she is on to Damon and plans to beat him at his own game. However, Rebekah feels like she won’t win without her help, which will only then ensue to keep her as a vampire. Can Damon save Elena or will she stray away from his wishes? So much for loving him or Stefan, but that isn’t anything really new. At least she did come clean to him, even though she and Rebekah likely will need to be saved by Damon and Stefan in the end of the season.

The second story was Klaus, Stefan and Caroline trying to save Bonnie from the dark powers that consumed her. Thanks to Silas whose expression consumed her to the point where she is no longer herself and Professor Shane is also a tool used by Silas. Bonnie’s father attempts to get her help by her mother’s old witch coven who believe that they can help her, but fall as prey to Silas. Bonnie only becomes more powerful and has a goal to kill off those witches to give Silas more power. Luckily her good friends Stefan and Caroline are determined to help her, but they also make an unlikely ally in Klaus. He joins in to help solve the issue to kill off Silas who makes his life more of chaotic than he would like. While Stefan and Caroline try to save Bonnie, they realize that they do not have many options-placing them in a bind. Klaus brings no help since he thinks 1 death is better than a group, which Silas is aiming for. However, Caroline is left to be the to save the day and she isn’t too sure if she can be bad enough. Can Klaus be her saving grace or will he only add more drama with his own issues with Silas who tries to make it clear on who is in control. Mean while they find out that Bonnie cannot remember what happened at the cave and will soon enough to re-live the horrors of the night Jeremy died.

Talk about a busy episode, Damon’s flashbacks sort of made it confusing and not one of their strongest episodes. But luckily Klaus made up for it, even though he doesn’t have the best ending. As for Elena, I am upset that she is going along with Rebekah who attacked Elena’s supposed love. I suppose this just further proves that she doesn’t really care for him nor Stefan. She only cares for herself and for someone who has no feelings, she only cares about what she wants. Too bad Damon has to put up with her, but I suppose he feels like that he needs to bring her back to Stefan. But the real question remains if she will even want either one of them or if she will forever be changed? I suppose our best chance of getting answer would be next season, right?

How do you like evil Elena, played by Nina Dobrev? Should she get her humanity turned back on? I don’t know, it seems like they are late on that and we all know that time is important to the series. Maybe we will see a change, but I think we should get used to the darker side of Elena for a good while, especially as she hunts for Katherine with Rebekah. Only bad things can come out of that partnership, sort of like how only bad can come out from any deal with her brother Klaus. However, it would be interesting if he turned good and she turned evil, that would be one heck of a way to kick off their spin-off.

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