Disney Store just added more styles of the Disney Princess Nightgown collection. Such new styles include the Ariel Nightgown, Belle Nightgown, Cinderella Nightgown, and Disney Princess Nighshirt. Each one of these nightgowns features a tutu-style skirt which will ensure a princess-friendly style. Each one of these sleep gowns is available at


Disney’s new collection of sleepwear further shows their current obsession with princesses. These nightgowns should sell well for the younger crowd. I think toddlers and young children will love these princess-style nightgowns, which are essentially costumes you sleep in. I wonder what Disney will think of next: Princess-style pajama sets?


What do you think of Disney Store’s new line of princess nightgowns? Do you think little girls will love to wear them? What do you think of the whole Disney Princess craze? I don’t see anything wrong with it although I do predict the trend will eventually fade as people tire of princess themed everything and Disney will have to come up with something new to promote. I know many people assume that this whole princess-craze is bad for girls and their futures, I personally think it’s alright as long as parents help differentiate between reality and fantasy. What’s your thoughts on this?

Article source from Toy Xplosion