McDonald’s just introduced a new sandwich called the McWrap. This tasty hamburger alternative comes in three different flavors: Chicken & Bacon, Chicken & Ranch, and Sweet Chili Chicken. The sandwiches will actually arrive on the menus on April 1st but according to AdWeek, there may not be a lot of excitement waiting for these sandwiches. Here is what Adweek had to say about the report:

McDonald’s is hoping the McWrap, a chicken wrap that includes romaine lettuce, cucumbers and three sauces customers can choose from, will appeal to young people and those who have a health-conscious mindset and appreciate customizable products,

McDonald’s edging out subway as a healthier fast food option may be a tough feat. Just a couple of years ago, Subway beat McDonald’s as World’ Largest restaurant chain. The company also boasts 37,000 franchises in nearly one hundred different countries. And McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain copying the healthy food trend, Wendy’s and Burger King have slowly added healthier foods on their regular menu.

What do you think of the McWrap sandwiches? I think the wraps sound great, I’ve tried their snack wraps before and I’m sure the new sandwiches will taste very similar. I’m not sure how health-conscience consumers will like these sandwiches but then I’m not too certain that people who are into health foods would be likely to purchase food from McDonald’s.

Article source from MSN Money