Joe Jonas, Shay Mitchell & Demi Lovato Return for Acuvue Contest


Another year, another Acuvue 1-Day contest. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas both return as mentors this year, along with Dwight Howard and Shay Mitchell. As usual with the announcement, they released mini video bios from the mentors and the announcement video. You will find the collection of the videos released so far down below to see what this year they (Shay and Demi) speak about. For those who have not heard or followed the Acuvue contest, it allows 1 lucky winner a chance to get Acuvue 1-Day contacts, something that they have never had before. Joe and Demi both have been with the contest for around 3 years now.

I am so glad that Demi and Joe can work together without too much drama. They certainly do not have a good history behind them and in some ways, I would think that would affect their professional relationship. But maybe Demi’s friendship with Nick Jonas has helped out their strained relationship? I would like to think that has taken place, but I suppose you never really know what has made it possible for those 2 to work together. However, that is besides the point since Dwight and Shay are also tied to this year’s contest.

How do you feel about this year’s mentors? Why do you think Joe and Demi are pretty much fixed to the contest? I am not sure, but it is nice that it has never changed even after their relationship has ended. It is a nice reminder that exes can be till friendly with each other even after things have ended. Maybe they can teach Taylor Swift a thing or 2 about former relationships and staying polite? I think she could stand for a lesson or 2 on that in the near future, especially after all of the parodies on YouTube about her have come out. You don’t see that for Demi and Joe, which speaks volumes in my eyes, don’t you think?

article source-Teen InfoNet

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