Is Jaden Smith Dating Kylie Jenner?


It looks like we might have some Hollywood royal couple in the works! Rumor has it that Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith are dating, according to some so-called sources who talked to US Weekly. The gossip rag reports that they have been friends for a long time, but recently started taking it to the next level (with and without a parental guardian). Jaden has been busy with his own budding career, as well as hanging out with his best friend Justin Bieber. However, he seems to be making more time for Kylie who also is working on her own career. This past weekend it appears that they made their first public appearance together in a date like fashion, just a day after his father Will Smith joined the duo. Right now neither of them have addressed the question and will likely not for a while.

I have to say that this is a fairly cute rumor. I had no idea that they were friends, let alone a possible item. It seems like Kylie has been rumored with her fair share of teen guys, but I suppose that is normal since she is in the spotlight. I just wonder how many of these rumors are true or false, since I am sure she would like to keep some things hushed. At least her sister Kendall Jenner seems to lead a more private life, even though her career really has taken off. I suppose she might not be seeking out a special someone or someone who is famous, hence why she hasn’t been the rumored one. Oh well, I am sure Kylie can easily vent out her feelings to her older half-siblings who know what she is going through.

How do you feel about this rumor? Should Will and Jada been worried about Jaden being close to a Jenner? I don’t think so, I mean if they have been friends for years than they know what her family is like. They both have good work ethics and I think they could be good influences on each other. However, with that being said I do think that they need to consider what kind of public life they want for Jaden, who is still 14 and hasn’t been in center stage attention all that much. Certainly dating a member of a high profile family will change all that for him, as well as for his own family. So I would think that they might want to seriously think about that first as a precaution.

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