Ian Somerhalder & Claire Holt Dish on Originals and One Direction


MTV recently caught up with The Vampire Diaries stars Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Claire Holt. The topic of choice for MTV’s Ten on Top, was about the spin-off The Originals. All 3 are happy about the news, including Claire who confirmed that she will be part of the spin-off that is shooting down in New Orleans. Of course Ian shared that he upset that he isn’t filming in his hometown, but seems to deal with it okay. Luckily they were also asked 2 silly questions, including about One Direction vs NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) in which Ian admits that he doesn’t follow pop culture! You can find out why he doesn’t, as well as why Claire like One Direction better in the video down below.

I am happy and sad that The Originals will pull Klaus away from The Vampire Diaries. I felt like he added a whole new, level of excitement to the series that brought new life to it. It just seemed to make it fuller for me, but at least the cast seems okay with the changes coming up. I think Paul is eager to return to how they were before Klaus came into the picture. I am not sure why, but I suppose that is good news to him and rest of the production who want their own show back on track. At least we now do know that Rebekah will some how be tied into the spin-off now. That wasn’t clear a few weeks ago, so it is pretty big news for her fans.

How do you feel about their thoughts on the spin-off and One Direction? I wish Paul had more chances to speak, but sadly he didn’t. I suppose he had enough to say with his whole happy comment about the spin-off. It seems like that will be one of the big things for this fall at this rate. As for their thoughts on 1D, I liked what Ian Somerhalder had to say. He seems to be very much his own person and while some might say that is no way to be, at least he isn’t hiding the fact that he has zero interest in boy bands of today. That has to take some guts on his end, especially since many of his fans are on the younger side and do care about One Direction.vs NKOTB.

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