Gregg Sulkin & Selena Gomez Dish on Wizards Return


Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone, Gregg Sulkin, and Jake T Austin all have one, last shot at returning on The Wizards Return: Alex Vs Alex this month. This places them under enormous amount of stress, which means heavy PR is the only way to follow up. This brings us to the recent video all four made in support of the March 15th special. The video shows them talking about the big return, and also shows us a behind the scenes look. The cast had fun with it, while they all enjoyed returning to the old times by working together for one last hurray before Selena walks away for good. You can catch the fun video down below to find out what was all said or done in support of the epic return.

I cannot wait to see this “evil” side of Alex played by Selena Gomez, it is tough to picture her as a bad character. I know that she has played spoiled and selfish on the series, but she never meant any harm by it. So to know that she explores the dark side of her former role, it had to be both exciting and scary. It really is like the last chapter to her Disney roles since she will be returning to the big screen playing a teen robber in Spring Breakers. I doubt we will be able to count on her playing the hero again for a long time at this rate of what kind of roles she is going in.

How do you feel about this video? Can this be the closing chapter that Disney owned us fans? I hope so, but it is too early to tell since it has yet to air. It might be exactly what we all want or need from the network, but I will say that they did play us all badly when they did cancel that sequel to the original movie. While I will say that this sort of makes up for it, I don’t think that will ever make up how I feel they treated us fans so badly, even though they are attempting to save their own face a year too late now.

article source-Disney Dreaming

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