Girl Meets World With Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rowan Blanchard Pilot Taping Date Set


Girl Meets World is one step closer to become a reality with the pilot episode set to film March 20th. The episode will be filmed in classic sitcom fashion of having a live audience attending the taping. If Disney Channel approves the pilot, as well as the full cast (which is now reportedly set), they will then move on to filming more episodes for season 1. Currently the cast has been working at table readings, rehearsals and preparing for the big day. Ever since rumors started late last year, the fans of Boy Meets World, former cast and media have jumped in to support the series. If the pilot goes to plan, the series will kick off later on this year on Disney Channel.

I am so hoping that it does get promoted to become an actual series. The world has shown so much love and support for it, it almost seems like Disney could not fail with it.Then again, it would be hard to when everyone has always wanted to see the happy ending for Cory and Topanga Matthews after their saga ended. We almost never get to see or hear those, so it is a real treat when you get a chance to see what your favorite childhood stars turn out as adult characters. That is something most of us could say that we always wished for, hence why we have seen so much support for the spin-off. Now all we have to do is the hardest part, which is the waiting game.

Are you excited to hear how the pilot goes? I am, and I am nervous about it as well. I always wanted to see it thrive, but I will admit that I am not sure if the numbers are in their favor or not. If their support has been more in theory, then it might not pan out. That is always a risk and since it has been around 15 years since the series ended, it does leave a lot of questions about if they still have real interest in the iconic couple or not. Only time will tell us at this point and that doesn’t leave us with much left in options.

article source-Teen InfoNet

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