Fifth Harmony Cover Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You


Fifth Harmony has stayed pretty hushed since the end of The X-Factor late last year until now. The band has just released a new cover song, performed at the opening of LA’s Top Shop and have released a batch of audition tips for X-Factor hopefuls. The girls have been plugging away at their own album, but are ready to come back out in the spotlight and show the world what they are made of. The latest cover song is a Frank Ocean one, called “Thinking About You” which they claim they wanted to give back to their fans. The girls hint that this cover song is the first of many that they will share while they work in the studio. You can catch that cover song, along with their audition tips and a vlog of their day with Demi Lovato all the way down below this post.

Wow, these girls certainly have not slowed down despite winning third place on the show. It seems like they are fully ready to come out and be the stars they always knew that they could be. I think Simon Cowell was smart in signing them onto a label. They are fully aware of their gifts and I think they are ready for the crazy work load that comes with the success of being a artist. It will be interesting to see if they or if Emblem3 will release new music first. It seems like both acts are very dedicated in making their dreams come true and in a way, it also seems like they have an unspoken contest between the two acts to see who works the hardest. So it will be interestingly to see how this year unfolds for both acts.

How do you feel about this news? Were you concerned that they weren’t going to come back and release anything until their album was ready? I didn’t know, it seems like they just wanted to dive right into it and make it work. But it is nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about their supporters who made this even possible for them. It might have taken them a while, but they came to their senses and it seems like fans can relax knowing that they will be keeping fans busy with new covers once again.

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