Dylan Hyde Signed to Universal/Motown and Island Def Jam


A new rising star is on the rise with Dylan Hyde.  The young 16 year old pop singer just got officially signed to Universal/Motown and Island Def Jam.

Dylan’s YouTube channel has over one million views, and his army of fans is growing by the day. The pop crooner’s music has a soulful influence—think Boyz II Men—and he’s a talented self-taught musician. But what makes Dylan’s talent even more impressive is that he suffers from a permanent loss of hearing in one ear. Dylan doesn’t let his physical limitations get in the way of his music making, and his resiliency is inspiring.  The San Diego teen has mastered skater/punk fashion even if he is being  touted as the next Justin Bieber and he’s currently recording his debut album.  Things may seem pretty perfect for him from the outside, but the teen is now speaking up about a major obstacle he has faced in pursuing his dream of becoming a singer. In a touching video uploaded to YouTube last month, Dylan reveals that he suffered from a hearing impairment so severe that, as a child, doctors had to remove one of his ears to perform surgery.

He tells his fans, “I wanted to share my story because I think it’s important for people to know that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.”  His EP titled XO will be debuting on March 14th.  Are you excited to hear what else Dylan records?

Source News: That So Celeb

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