Demi Lovato Working on Heart Attack Video


Demi Lovato is working on the music video for her current single, “Heart Attack“. Demi tweeted 2 photos of herself preparing for the video shoot which she sounds excited for. Earlier this month she released the song, which has been raved about and has earned her a lot of media attention in a positive way. While Demi hasn’t expressed when the video will come out, we can likely expect for it to be out shortly due to the fact that her untitled album is set to come out in May. By the photos that Demi has shared thus far, we can safely assume that it will be a rocker style of a music video. Here is what she did write when she shared the 2 photos.

Gettin ready for my video shoot!!

I am excited to see how it all turns out. I fully expect that it will amaze us like her song does. Demi is gifted and I love that she is still trying out new looks and sounds to find out the right one for herself, even if most of us do feel like her rocker style is the way to go. At least it does seem like she is getting closer to seeing just how good she is with rock music. We can certainly hope that she will be releasing more edgier music, which I sort of feel she is teasing us with. However, with that being said the girl can also singe high notes wonderfully and can do pop pretty well. So whatever sound she goes with, I am sure it will be amazing.

Are you excited for Demi’s music video? Do you think she is returning to her rocker roots? I hope so, I feel like that is where she has really shined best at. It just feels right since she has a voice that is very well fitted for it and can be mixed with a lot of other genres without too many issues. It would be her best bet for future crossovers if she ever wished since it does get away with a lot more than R&B or pop ever does.

image source-Demi Lovato via Twitter and Instagram

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