Demi Lovato Rocks Jakarta


Jakarta just had a special treat, Demi Lovato! She finished up her Asia tour over there singing her heart out live to support her upcoming album. She sang her newest single, and past hits for the first time in Jakarta. While her album won’t come out until May, Demi has been hard at work making sure that she supports her single to keep her name out there until it comes out. You can catch some video of her wonderful live songs down below to find out what you are missing out on.

It seems like Demi just loves being on stage. I am so happy that she is able to tour and do what she loves. I am not sure if acting was ever her calling, even though she has done well with it. I think she is far more comfy with music and music alone. She even admitted that she wasn’t ready for her turn on The X-Factor and we haven’t even heard if she will return on this season. I think she needs to make sure that she does what she wants to do and not give in to the pressures of being on TV if that isn’t healthy for her. She knows her limits and should follow those, not what others tell her.

How do you feel about her tour? Should Demi Lovato stick with music or should she venture out into acting again? Music sees to be where her heart is, and it seems like music is that place. However, with that being said she might change her mind but only she can be the one to make that choice. Nobody wants to see her unhappy or in a job that is good for her, but I suppose as long as she can tour and record, she seems to be extremely content for now with her career.

article source-Teen InfoNet

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