Demi Lovato Confirms May Release


Demi Lovato recently did a whole interview with 987: Muttons On The Move, in which she gives details on her album, music and her tour. She confirms that her next album will be released this May, which it has been hinted at before. She also talked to a fan and answered some of her most commonly asked questions about her career, like The X-Factor and details about her still yet to be titled album. Luckily for Demi’s team she is pretty good at not disclosing info on things that she is not allowed to speak about just yet. You can catch her interview down below to find out what she was able to address for her fans.

I am glad that she is doing promotion of her single, “Heart Attack“. I feel like it has been forever since she has been out and about in the media, which was at least since last summer. I am pretty sure we all can agree that Demi has worked hard to make herself a household name, and it is good to see her still doing what she loves. Hopefully she will be able to have the same amount of success with this one as she did with Unbroken. I feel like so many of us are rooting for her to continue on this path of success and recovery, so I am not too worried about her music flopping anytime soon. Lets just hope people do not turn on her like they did with Britney Spears or Taylor Swift.

How do you like this interview? Cam Demi Lovato stay on this good path or is she bound to hit a rough patch like so many other top performers have? I would love to see her avoid pitfalls again, but I am not too sure if that is even possible for anyone. The world loves to build people up to bring them down and I do worry that might be the case here for her. However, with that being said she might be able to avoid that since she isn’t as famous as some of those who were build up to be pulled down. So maybe we can hold out on hope for that. What do you think?

article source-Disney InfoNet

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