Cody Simpson To Release Book in October


Cody Simpson has come a long way from being a fresh faced artist and HarperCollins agrees. They just announced the upcoming book and book deal with the 16 year old Australian pop star. His first book entitled Welcome To Paradise: My Journey is set for US release on October 22. The book will feature gossip about him, as well as never been released photos of the blonde cutie who has set millions of hearts on fire with desire. Cody has expressed his own excitement over the deal and book, which he hopes it will inspire kids who are fans of his to make the same risk that he did before landing his big break. Here is what he all had to say about his upcoming book and his hopes for it.

It’s incredibly exciting for me to be partnering with HarperCollins to tell my story. I hope that my journey inspires kids from all around the world to pursue their passions and work hard for their dreams.

It sounds like he has a big heart and plans for his book! I personally cannot wait to hear more details on how he did land his big break, as well as more about his past. I think that will give fans a better idea on who he is and where he is coming from as an artist. My only real complaint so far about this news is that it will reportedly have gossip in it. I would think that Cody would want to make sure that it is as truthful as he can confirm it to be. I mean, who wants to help aid in the rumor mill? I doubt most would, including himself. Granted, I suppose that could be not true, but until he or HaperCollins clears it up, I will be concerned for him.

Do you plan on buying a copy of his book? I don’t, but I am sure that I will check it out at the bookstore. I do think it will hold some value, as well as maybe give us an idea on where else he would like to go with his career. I think all we now need to wait for him to have a movie come out about him next, in order for him to fully follow Justin Bieber if that is his goal (which I actually doubt it is). That seems like a real possibility now that we do know he has a book deal, as well as big tour plans. So why not go on the big screen while you are at it?

article source-Teen InfoNet

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