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AnnaSophia Robb in The Carrie Diaries might just have landed her first book deal. The teen budding writer who grows up to be THE Carrie Bradshaw has caught the attention of others by her writing and seems to have drum up enough interest to start living her dream career. However, with her being a teen it might not happen the way she wishes for it too and she must deal with whatever the outcome is despite of her wishes. You can check out the clip of her possible book deal down below from the upcoming episode, “The Long And Winding Road Not Taken“. As for the episode, it will air on March 18th.

Poor Carrie, it must be hard to be living a double life and one that can interrupt all that she worked for. It must be scary for her in more than one way, but at least she does cope with it well. I am just hoping that the series lasts long enough where we can see a change in her personality to the Carrie that we already know. That would be so much fun to watch, even though I will admit that I am not sure how AnnaSophia will pull it off. She seems much more like the nice girl next door than the grand Carrie that we all think of. So that would be interesting to see, but to be honest I sadly doubt the series will survive to see a second season.

How do you think AnnaSophia Robb does on the series? Is she believable as Carrie or is Sarah Jessica Parker right about the show being weird? I know that I was harsh on it before it premiered, but I actually like it and feel like it turned out better than I expected. However, with that being said I do think that that it would have benefited from a different network or at least some heavy promotion for the original series’ fans to come and watch the series to raise it ratings-which is a little too to happen now sadly.

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