Bridgit Mendler Rides the Bulls On Good Luck Charlie


Bridgit Mendler is working on her last season of Good Luck Charlie and she is working hard to capture memories. She recently shared a photo from the set where she is riding a mechanical bull. It isn’t clear on what episode or why she was on it, but she seemed to enjoy her big day on it and even posted a brag about how great her job is. The finale season kicks off on April 28th, with no set finale date yet. She is currently promoting her music as well as filming, which we can likely expect a career switch to take place after the series is done filming. However, with that being said, we can hopefully count on more photos like this one. Here is what she had to say about that day.

All in a days work… #glc

I am glad that Bridgit Mendler is enjoying herself on the set. I think we all hate that she wants it to end, but I suppose it has reached that point where Disney refuses to renew it at 4 season in. So I cannot fairly blame it as her, besides I am pretty sure that she must be excited for the fact that she can focus on music. I think that is where she really wants to go career wise and without the TV show being in the way, she can devote much more time to it. We all know that both TV shows and music take a lot out of you, so she could use a nice break from acting so she can focus on getting her music out there better. Her debut has been slow to have as much success as some her of former Disney stars did. But we can hope for more success on her half as time goes on.

How do you like the photo? Should Bridgit go all out and share more of photos as time goes on? Yes, I say that she should. However, I realize that the schedule might prevent that and she might now always feel like capturing moments, especially the sad ones. So I am not sure if we can fairly expect that from her or not. But in the mean time, we can always reflect on this one and know that at least she did have some fun on the set for the final season.

article source-Disney Dreaming image source-Bridgit Mendler

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