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With The Wizards Return: Alex Vs Alex coming on this weekend, Disney has stepped up their game to promote the special. Selena Gomez and most of the original cast returned one last time to give their Wizards of Waverly Place, in which Selena finds herself dealing with an evil twin who escaped from her when she decided to be good at last. This causes her to be in an epic battle for her to fight for control over her dark side, so she can return and focus on being the good witch. However, can she win over her dark side or does the dark Alex have way too much power over the good side? We of course won’t know until it airs, but you can see the clips that Entertainment Tonight shared of the special down below.

I am so happy that Selena and most of her cast were able to return one last time for the special. I feel like she hardly has been able to really move past that series without the promise ending we were given by Disney, so it is nice to know that it is happening. I am not sure what made them change their mind, Maybe she can shine some light on how they made this happen once it airs, since I am sure many of us are curious as to how this all changed so quickly. At least Selena is getting some behind the scenes credit for it. I am sure that will help her career for sure now that her Disney days really are over.

Are you excited to see it this tonight or during one of it’s many encores? I am, I cannot wait to see how Selena does in a double pressure project such as this role. I sort of feel like this could help prove her as a stellar actress if it comes out perfectly or it could cause her more damage. We already know that Spring Breakers will likely make her career, but it does feel like this special will have a huge impact on Selena’s career in some strange way. What do you think?

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