Bella Thorne Does Outfit of a Day on Twitter


Bella Thorne might be famous, but she is still fashion obsessed as any girl her age would be. She has made it clear (along with Zendaya Coleman) that fashion means the world to her. So it makes sense that she would join the ever growing Outfit of the Day meme online, which she just did. She went to Twitter and Instagram to show off her colorful look, only with the mistake of not sharing what she is wearing! Newbie alert big time! But that is okay since she is a busy girl working her dreams and making them come true takes a lot out of her. So here is what she did tweet along with the photo.


I am glad that she is having fun with fashion. I just sort of wish that she would hurry up and find a label that will allow her to release a line of fashion. I think it is only a matter of time before she does one, since it is super clear she has a passion for fashion. No one has been more clear about than her before and since we already know that her TV series collect sold well, why not her own? I am sure her fans would buy it up as quickly as it would be released. Plus she could connect with a discount store and she would be guarantee to find success with it.

How do you like Bella’s style? Should a fashion line by in her future or should she stick with music and acting? I think fashion would be a great creative outlet for her and allow her to expand his business skills. However, at someone who is her age I am not sure if she is ready for that kind of work commitment that it takes to run a successful collection.

image source – Bella Thorne via Instagram

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  1. mava

    April 15, 2013 at 8:16 am

    she looks soooo cute

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