Behind the Scenes Pics from Girl Meets World Star Rowan Blanchard


Girl Meets World kicked off filming and the stars are being tweet happy on the set. Ben Savage aka: Cory Matthews and rest of the gang tweeted photos from the set with excitement. Rowan Blachard even hinted at a possible guest spot with Rider Strong, Maitland Ward Baxter and Will Friedle. It sounds promising for those 2, as well as it sounds like the cast is still enjoying the experience of working together to make the series happen. Here are some of their tweets and photos that they all shared via Instagram from day 1 of filming.

Ben Savage-

Almost show time

Rowan Blanchard-

Rider Strong and Will Friedle visited us! OH MY GOSH. @sabrinaannlynn

Sabrina Carpenter-

Shawn and now Maya :) What an honor to meet you Mr. @RiderStrong #boymeetsworld #GirlMeetsWorld



Maitland Ward Baxter-

Girl Meets World… @ Sunset Gower Studios

Wow, it sounds like it keeps getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. I do not see how this TV show cannot be picked up by Disney. They would be losing way too much by doing that, and I doubt that they want to lose out on a series that sounds like already it is a big hit. Ever since the idea came out, we have heard nothing but support for it. So in my eyes they have no valid reason not to order a full series or to air it. It has winner written all over it, unlike The Carrie Diaries which never really had that in my eyes. Everyone has become so invested in it, they have to allow it or else they will be doing more damage to their network.

Are you happy to see some of the original cast coming on for a reunion? I am! I love that Mr Feeny aka: William Daniels looks exactly like he did at the end of the series. Now that is amazing, plus the fact that he will likely appear on an episode or 2. He is partly what made the series the hit that it was, so this excites me beyond to a point where words cannot describe. Maybe we all can write Disney and beg them just to go ahead and order the series of Girl Meets World with Rowan Blanchard.

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