Behind Shay Mitchell & Paul Wesley’s April Photoshoots

The Murder of One

April will be a hot month for two magazines with fairly big stars being featured in magazines. The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley and Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell both are featured in new issues of two different magazines for April. Shay is in Teen Vogue, while Paul is featured in the Glamour UK edition. Both stars were big enough features for the issues to be filmed behind the scene videos that were finally just released. You can watch both videos down below to see what they all did in order to be featured in the magazines for April.

I am glad that both Paul Wesley and Shay Mitchell had a chance to be featured this month, but I got to admit that I am not sure why. Paul’s show has been on and while it is winding down for the season, I don’t expect anything too huge on his end. As for Shay, she doesn’t have anything big lined up for as far as I know, but I suppose her popular show could be the reason for her interview. I would assume a new season is preparing to air, so that would be a reason to do PR. But beyond that I am not sure what her PR could be all about, unless she has a project that I don’t know about coming up in the next month or so.

How do you like the fact that they both had magazine pieces done about them? It was good news for them, but I will say that I am wondering why them. I would think that they or their whole cast would deserve these pieces, not just them. However, I will say that it might do wonders for them in their careers. Hopefully they will be able to enjoy this experience and look up to it as a good way to kick start spring 2013 in a big way.

article source-Teen InfoNet

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