Austin Mahone Meets Stefanie Scott from A.N.T. Farm


Austin Mahone has been lucking out ever since he was signed by meeting so many celebrities. His latest has been Stefanie Scott, from A.N.T. Farm. Austin gladly snapped a photo with her and shared it with all of his adoring fans who love his elbow rubbing with other stars. It appears that every week he meets at least 1 or 2, which he always shares with his fans. This time he didn’t tweet anything big with the photo, but allowed the photo to speak for itself. Here is all that he shared with it.

With the beautiful @StefanieScott

He appears to be quiet the flirt, doesn’t he? I suppose he thinks that will help him win over more fame and even points among Hollywood’s elite. I am not sure why he thinks he needs that, though. He has already had so many amazing experiences that most do not ever have when they are signed. He certainly already lives the charmed life and I don’t see how he can figure out that it needs to improve even more. That seems so un-needed by him. He already has pretty much everything he needs, except for the right amount of effort needed to help him finish up his debut album. That is something he could use more luck on.

How do you like his rubbing elbows with other stars? It is sort of getting annoying, especially since it seems like he is trying to hit big that much sooner. Justin Bieber and One Direction never did that, so why does he need to? It seems like way too much in my eyes and I think he could do better focusing on music and less on his social life. It certainly would not kill him to spend a few weeks away from other famous people and dedicate that time to recording. In fact, he might even earn some respect for him from his peers.

image source-Austin Mahone via Instagram

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