AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler Fight in Carrie Diaries Preview


The Carrie Diaries is still working its way across the first season and we have a whole new preview for “The Great Unknown”. In the preview we see AnnaSophia Robb becomes upset with Austin Butler. They struggle as a possible couple due to their very different lifestyles that they lead. Is it too late for them to work it out or will they be able to make things right like the way that she wants them to be? With only a couple weeks left of new episodes, it seems like a lot is still up in the air on if Sebastian can be what she wants and needs him to be for her own sake. The episode will air on March 11th, and you can catch the preview down below.

I feel bad for Carrie. It seems like she really wants him, even though he isn’t able to give her what she needs. I think maybe he and Donna are better fitted for each other since she is much more like him than Carrie is. However, without Carrie liking him I am not sure even Donna would even still be interested. She seems to like playing the guy thief and if she knows that the good girl is no longer interested in him, she may seek out a new challenge to tackle. After all, Sebastian is sort of damage goods at this point in the series. He has been around the block some and it isn’t the new, exciting guy that he was when he and Carrie first started out together.

How do you like the show with AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler? Will it last more than one season? I hope so, but the ratings haven’t been exactly what CW hoped for and it seems like shows with similar ratings never lasted more than one season. So at this point I am doubting that we will hear it be renewed. Eight episodes in and the ratings still haven’t picked up the way that they should have for the series. I stand by my earlier comments and admit that I question about the network that it is on. The core audience doesn’t seem to care for CW, which likely hurt it. However, with that being said the series isn’t a new concept nor did it come on when the new seasons kicked off for 2012-2013. So I cannot say that it is all due to what network it is on, but more of a mixture of things that sadly spelled doom months ago for it. Do you agree or do you think it will live past thirteen episodes?

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