A primeira coleção é inspirada na princesa Jasmine, do filme "Aladdin"

Disney is about to release the Princess Jasmine cosmetic collection at Sephora stores nationwide. They already collaborated for the Cinderella cosmetic collection and that was a huge success.

This luxurious beauty collection should appeal to teens and young adults alike with a rich colorful palettes and gypsy-inspired packaging. This exclusive collection was made for Spring 2013 and features the following products:

The Sephora Disney Jasmine Collection for Spring 2013 includes the Sephora by OPI Disney Jasmine One Is Never Enough Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50 USD / $29 CAD), an colourful, 6-piece mini nail polish collection. This limited-edition collection experiences the magical story of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin with vibrant, exotic colors and rich elegance. Available March 2013 exclusively at Sephora. Each one of the Sephora Disney Jasmine Collection items comes with a quote- and the one for this mirror is “Wish for more wishes“. These mini nail lacquers are very tiny, but they’re a good way to grow your shade collection without breaking the bank! Each color is meant to represent the shimmering hues of a princess’ jewels

A primeira coleção inspirada na princesa Jasmine


These amazing products come in the most regal packaging designs of purple and gold. What do you think of this new collection from Disney and Sephora? Let us know your thoughts and check out the video below!

Article source from Anything Diz