Selena Gomez As Alex Russo In Full The Wizards Return Trailer


We are a couple weeks a way from Selena Gomez’s return as Alex Russo in The Wizards Return: Alex Vs Alex, and we cannot wait for it. Luckily Disney is aware and they have finally released the full trailer for the movie/special episode. In it we see Selena’s character Alex decides to stop using her powers for her own benefit and now has to battle with her dark side. Can Alex beat her own inner brat? Or will we see her inner dark side win over the kind heart that she wishes to have? We sadly will have to wait to March 15th to catch the special, but in the mean time we do get to see an inside look at the full trailer of it down below.

I am so glad that Disney allowed for them to make the final end movie, like they promised before they canned it. It allows fans to have a solid chance of really saying goodbye and allows us all to see where they end up after the series ended. It will certainly make for an eventful night among their fans for sure. I have a feeling that some of us will even find tears in our eyes since we all loved the series and we now know the end is truly here. I cannot see it going beyond this one last, final step as a goodbye for Selena and Disney for good. Those 2 certainly has a good run and it is great to see that they are giving fans one last look at their characters.

How do you like the trailer? I like it, but then again I am a fan of the series. I really think this will be a great way to say hello to a different kind of role for Selena Romez, which will help us prepare for her Spring Breakers role. However, with that being said I think we will always see a little bit of that inner good girl no matter what, since that is how she built her name for herself. That is whom she is know as and will likely always be known as. Don’t you agree?

article source-Teen InfoNet

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