Sandra Bullock Joins Despicable Me Spin-off Minions


Despicable Me has become a huge hit for Universal, leading up to their upcoming sequel and now a spin-off based called Minions. Yes, you read that correctly! Everyone’s favorite little, yellow guys will be getting their very own spin-off that will come out next year on December 19, 2014. The movie will have Sandra Bullock as the human character Scarlet Overkill in the CGI movie, which will feature that the Minions will have a long past in history. It turns out that the cute, yellow creatures always seek out the worse master to serve and Scarlet will one from their past. So far only Sandra has been confirmed as one of the stars, the rest remain hushed for right now.

I am so happy! I always loved those cuties and to know that they will have their own movie, it just delights me. They are certainly worthy of it since they are so cute and funny. I mean whenever I see the original movie, I laugh so hard over their sheer cuteness. So it seems like it is only right that these great characters have their own movie. They are interesting enough to carry it and since everyone loves their dorky humor, what else can you say than that they are meant to be made into “movie stars”? I wish we could fast forward until either their own movie comes out or for Despicable Me 2 comes out since I am so eager to see their cute faces on-screen again.

How do you feel about this news? I am so excited and I am glad that Sandra joined in. As a mother, I think she will enjoy the role in a new way as well as the importance of spreading her inner comedian wings more. I don’t think as of late she has had those kind of roles and she always seemed to enjoy those the most. So I am happy that she found a new role that will fulfill that for her, as well as allow her to be part of something special that she can share with her son for years to come.

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