Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Bicker in The View To Kill – The Vampire Diaries Episode


The Vampire Diaries took a humorous turn on “The View To Kill” episode! Drama between Ian Somerhalder’s Damon and Paul Wesley’s Stefan peaked at a new point with snide comments coming from both sides. It seems like neither brother wishes to play the good guy at least for this second half of the season. As we all know, both Damon and Stefan badly want the vampire curse to be broken, but neither have had much luck. Stefan and his “new” girl toy Rebekah are working together to reach for the cure first so Elena (Nina Dobrev) can be cured and for Rebekah to finally be human again. It seems like her bad girl side is just a mask of what she really wants, which is to be human again. All the while Damon wants to cure Elena to see if she does really love him or if it is her sire bond. It seems like that will have to wait for now, but let’s get into the juicy details of the episode!

It started off with Stefan regretting his night with Rebekah and tries to sneak out before she awakes-but he is caught by our favorite villain, Klaus. He begs Stefan to help him get the dagger back from Rebekah since she holds it. He wants it so he can kill off Kol, who has become out of control and forced Damon to try to kill Jeremy since he is a vampire hunter and is working to put the end to the curse. However, Rebekah takes a stand and Stefan has to choose to either go on his old loves side or if should take Klaus up on his offer. Mean while, Stefan does allow Klaus to babysit Damon who argues with both Stefan and Klaus. He teases Stefan about his night with Rebekah and hints that he knows Stefan has already perhaps moved on from Elena. This causes a mean streak in Stefan to ignite and he tells Damon to have a villan bonding time with Klaus while he goes off and makes his choice if he will help Klaus or not. While all of this sassy vampire talk was going on at Stefan and Damon’s home, Elena seeked out Bonnie’s help to try to kill Klaus. Clearly her own foggy mind wasn’t working so sharp since she made a few not so good calls in the episode. Can Bonnie help her and can Elena put the end to the sire bond by having Kol removed for good? Or will this all backfire on them?

The second plot was Bonnie and her father trying to save her from the dark side. She remains that she is not doing anything wrong, even though Professor Shane told her father otherwise. He forbids her to help Elena and Jeremy, which makes her angry since she insist that only she can help to break the curse. However, her father could careless about the others when he refuses for her to follow her own mother’s footsteps. This is where it gets tricky, though. Her mother shows up to help control Bonnie, or at least attempt to. But as we all saw with her battle with Kol, she isn’t one to be held against her wishes. Can her super powers save her from her parents and their desire to protect her, or will she win and show her true colors that Shane placed within her?

Drama, drama, drama! It makes the whole series flow, doesn’t it? I love how each episode leaves me wanting more, that takes some clever writing! I think we all know that these storylines are leading up to a huge season finale. I think it is pretty clear that poor Klaus (I felt bad for him when he was stuck in Elena’s living room, just because I find him amusing) will wind up with his own series. I don’t see how this story will allow him to stay on The Vampire Diaries when rest of his fellow vampires are 100% against him. It makes me sad, but it should be loads of fun to see him with his own lead at last. As for what will happen between Damon and Stefan, I hope they can make amends but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Like I stated before, if anything it will take place when the series actually ends for good, whenever that sad day comes to past. Do you think we will ever see those two make up for good or not?

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