Paul Wesley Calls Ian Somerhalder Villain – The Vampire Diaries Clip


The Vampire Diaries has easily become a new favorite of mine and now I can share a clip from the latest episode (“A View To Kill”) of the hit series. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is captured and locked away by Stefan who picks Klaus to babysit him. But as you now know, the brothers do not get along and bicker with each other to the point where Stefan (Paul Wesley) calls Damon a villain like Klaus. Ah yes, the very comical comment did bring some comically humor to a serious show that is dealing with a serious subject. Well played out by the cast and whole team behind the hit series. You can view the very delightful clip to see the new, angry Stefan that many girls have fallen for as quickly as they have for Damon.

I seriously laughed so hard when I saw the clip. I never knew just how mean Stefan could be and it really was entertaining since Damon hasn’t proven himself to be the nicest guy on the series. That is likely why he was willing to work with Klaus, the very bad guy that they want to remove from power. It seems like he isn’t trust worthy, hence why Stefan is being tough-but then again we are pretty sure the whole love triangle isn’t helping that out either. We all already know that Stefan wants Elena back, even if he does pretend not to care. He is not fooling anybody at all, I think we all can agree on that right now.

How do you like this clip? I loved it and it still makes me smile to think about it. He certainly found a way to be sassy, didn’t he? It seems like Damon certainly would seek out a way to get his own revenge since they both seem to be pretty equally angry at each other. It makes you wonder if those two will ever repair their own relationship or not? I am doubting that will be the case, unless they wait to they to the end of the series for that to take place first. What do you think is in the future for the brothers?

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  1. mary

    February 6, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Now I must say I had enough of Stefan getting angry anytime he can’t get what he wants: grow up, man! It is quite time! Can’t you for once accept to be second best? And unlike many, I wasn’t thrilled at all at Stefan’s ripper side: I could’ve easily put a stake in his heart once and for all. I’m happy if Damon finally wins Elena’s heart. I hope it will end up being true love!

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