One Direction Release One Way or Another Teaser


One Direction have been excited to release a remake of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” and now it has finally come out-partly! The boys have chose that song to be their charity single for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day for March 15th. However with a little more than a month away from the release, the boys decided to release a teaser taste of it. The short clip can be heard down below if you wish to see how these boys do on a 80s classic song.

I am shocked that they picked that one, especially when I am not sure how familiar they are with older music. But I will give them credit for breaking outside of this box and trying their hands at something new for them. It sounds like a wise choice that might make them gain some additional kudos from older fans who enjoy the fun throwback that they have to offer with their version.

How do you like the cover so far? It is fun, but I won’t call it great. It is missing that sound that made the song popular first and I will say that I do think it was better suited for Blondie than anyone else to ever sing. Hence why it has become the iconic song that it is known as of today. I think that they should stick with pop music for the most part. That is where they shine and how fans know them. However, it was a fun attempt that I suppose we cannot fairly judge yet until the full length comes out next month. It wouldn’t be fair to solely judge any song by a very short clip, even though I do not expect it to be much better than what they have to offer via this teaser.

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