Nut-Free Cookies Skeeter Snacks – Review

Nut Free Cookie - Chocolate Chip

Nut-Free Cookies from Skeeter Snacks are a product that solves a problem the kids that are allergic to nuts. Whether it is for school, camps, or team snacks, these are a treat that parents will want to make sure they are going to include for every child. They have brought all of this to the customer via Skeeter a squirrel that has a nut allergy. The great thing about Skeeter is that they have really fleshed him out as a character and the background information on him, via the website. It is wonderful and helps kids relate to this poor squirrel that can’t eat nuts. This is where Skeeter Snacks really “gets it” as one of the things we always see with kids that have nut allergies, is the exclusion they feel when snacks are handed out or when they are at a birthday party. They can relate to Skeeter and all the information (and games/coloring) on the website about the cookie eating squirrel. We think Skeeter Snacks has made it easy to always have a great product on hand for these children no matter if they are yours or just playing with yours.


Skeeter is the world’s only squirrel with a nut allergy. His snacks are safe for people, and squirrels, with nut allergies. That’s why everyone loves Skeeter.

So we know they have the marketing plan down, but the product still needs to taste good for it to be successful product. Where do the Chocolate Cubed, Chocolate Chunk, Golden Oatmeal and Skeeter Doodle land in terms of taste? Well the first thing to report is our taste testing children, were not able to discern they were eating an allergy free food, and gave them the thumbs up. Our daughter was looking for more cookies after she gobbled up the first so Skeeter has a fan there. The adults found them to be a good bagged cookie, with Skeeter Doodle and Chocolate Cubed taking home the top honors.

Nut Free Cookie Oatmeal

While I think that the taste is an important piece of the puzzle, I find the inclusion factor of the children and the camaraderie that find in Skeeter the Squirrel to be just as important. Skeeter Snacks has a product here that makes everyone feel good. Kids, Parents and Group leaders can all find comfort in a cookie that tastes good and at the same time brings everyone together as a group, including those that have a problem with peanut and tree nut allergies.

Note: Skeeter Snacks were provided free for sample and review


We make PEANUT and TREE NUT free snacks that EVERYONE loves to eat. This isn’t “allergy food” that tastes like cardboard and costs a fortune. We’re starting with cookies. Then we are moving on to world snack domination! Whenever you see Skeeter holding his placard you know what’s inside is safe and will be loved by kids (and adults) of all ages. If it’s not Skeeter, it’s nuts…LITERALLY!

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