Miley Cyrus Finally Picks Kat Von D for New Ink


Miley Cyrus is no stranger for a love of ink and she further proves it with a new addition. She added a new one on the back of her arm which what appears to be a friendship symbol, which has a tribal feel to it. The new tattoo was professionally done by one of LA’s most famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D. She tweeted excitedly about doing the ink on Miley, which she refers to as picking a beautiful design to add to her ever growing list. Miley also tweeted about her new ink and didn’t have much to say except was happy to show off the newest piece. Here are what the two inked ladies had to say about Miley’s friendly tat.


Loved tattooing @MileyCyrus yestrday! Simple symbols of friendship make beautiful tattoos.

Miley added-

ratta tat tat @thekatvonD

Sadly Miley did not share whom the tattoo was done for, but we can guess her fiance Liam Hemsworth might be the reason behind it. Too bad Kat’s series is not on anymore, then maybe we would all get a chance to know what the meaning behind it was. As for whom Miley chose to do the ink, it was a good choice. Kat is well known and trusted for her amazing work, even by those of us who do not have body ink. It is hard not to look at her work and be in awe at how amazing her work is always. I know that I haven’t heard of a single person who hated their ink that was done by Kat. So Miley did do a good job at picking her artist for newest ink.

How do you like Miley’s latest tattoo? Can you guess who she perhaps was having the tattoo made for? The only person she seems to be seen in public with as of late has been Liam, or at least every time I hear of her. While she could have some everyday people friends (which would be highly respectable), it seems like she doesn’t like her whole personal life to be known about. I certainly cannot blame her, but it does make us wonder whom she had the ink done for? Maybe she can later on fess it up once she goes back on the road touring.

image source-Miley Cyrus via Twitter article source-Cambio

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