Miley Cyrus Films Music Video with Lil Kim


Miley Cyrus is one step closer to releasing new music! She tweeted that she has been working on a music video for “Twisted”, a song that features Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx. Pharrell Williams who is working with Miley on her new album has hinted at Miley’s attempt into hip-hop as well as staying true to herself. She also has worked with Mary J. Blige and others hip-hop stars on the hopefully soon to be released album. No word on what we can expect from this song yet or for when the video will come out. But here is what Miley did tweet with the photo of herself with Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx.

Starts with @therealjuicyj ends with @LilKim ❤ what a week

It sounds like Miley is just working has hard as she can to further push herself away from Disney. It will be interesting to see how it does turn out since she claims that she is not copying Rihanna. That sort of makes it unclear on what path she is going to take with her album. If she isn’t going to go all out on hip-hop, than where is she going? It doesn’t make sense, so I do hope that she does come out and clear some of the speculation up since this news will certainly suggest the opposite of what she has claimed.

Are you excited to hear “Twisted”? It sounds interesting, but I am not sure what we can expect for it. It sort of sounds like it will be more hip-hop than she is letting on or is wanting her fans to know. I would have personally assumed that she would have stuck with rock music, but I suppose that she is still finding herself and this album will sort of count towards that.

article source-Cambio image source-Miley Cyrus via Twitter

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