Michael Jacobs Clears Up Girl Meets World Rumors


Michael Jacobs recently opened up to Hollywood Reporter about the sequel of Boy Meets World, which is properly titled Girl Meets World. Rowan Blanchard was just cast to play the 11 year old daughter of Ben Savage (aka: Cory Matthews and Danielle Fishel (aka: Topanga Matthews), which puts the show into action. It is planned to start production this month as it was officially given the okay to start filming, which Michael says he will be working on every episode. He happily took the time to clear up some concerns about the series, which has kept him up at night with fans concerns. Things like if some of the other original cast will return, which he hints at yes. And how fans will react to it since it will feature a part of the original cast, as well as how it has been keeping him up at night. You can read the full interview at their website, but in the mean time here are some of the far more juicier subjects he chatted about regarding the new sequel and how it work.

When Rider (Strong) said that he was not approached about being a part of the show, there actually was no official show, [At the time] it was an idea that Gary Marsh, Adam Bonnett, Corey Marsh and the Disney Channel people called me up asking if I would be interested in doing this…Will Rider be a cast member? Will he put in appearances? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see…(on how the Cory and Topanga will be included)You’re going to be seeing a lot of Riley Matthews because she’s the point of view of this show but what influences her are all of the characters in her life. You are going to see very equal attention paid to Cory and Topanga and all of the other supporting cast as you would naturally term it…(on what is keeping him up at night) I know to read Twitter and Tumblr, which I never did before, and everyone at Disney is taking great stock in articles that say “these are the five things we demand from Girl Meets World,” “these are the ways the show has to go.” If we do a redo of the original series, that’s no good. Nobody wants that. The world [my kids are] growing up in is a far tougher world; it’s not the same world Cory Matthews met. I certainly don’t know that it’s as kid-friendly.

Whew, he had a lot to say! I love how he wants to keep it interesting to both the past fans and new ones alike. I agree with him that the show shouldn’t just revolve around Riley, since it will be about her whole world and her parents will be a part of that. In the original series Cory was not the main character, you saw plenty of his family and friends alike. It was more about his world and I am glad to know that they plan to keep it similar to the original as they can. That will be key on how successful they will or will not be in the long run.

How do you feel about his comments? They make me feel somewhat better, it sort of gives us a general idea on where they will be taking it. So that does help us older fans who were concerned about it being true to Cory and Topanga. It seems like to me that is really where the core of the series will be, even if Riley will be the main focal point to a degree. I think without those two, they would have no series coming up at all. Do you agree or is the series really more about Riley than her beloved parents?

article source-Shine On Media & Hollywood Reporter

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