Kenan Thompson Joins Justin Bieber in SNL Promo


Justin Bieber is officially an adult in the eyes of the media! He is set to host Saturday Night Live on Feb 9th. NBC has released the promo which also features Kenan Thompson, for Justin’s big night which will allow him to host, perform and act in the series sketches. Justin hasn’t ever hosted the series before, but has appeared on it before back in 2010 and 2011. He is reportedly nervous, even if he doesn’t show it in the new promo that only further proves his professional side. You can catch the fun promo down below to see how Justin interacts with Nickelodeon former star, Kenan. And you can catch SNL on Saturday night around 11:55 PM, though please do double check your local time if you live in the US. For those who do not live in the US, the videos should be up on YouTube the following day.

I am proud of Justin! This is a step in the right direction for him as he itches to grow as a musician. I think most young stars cannot wait for the day when they get to join the famous sketch show, so he must be feeling proud to land the hosting gig. While I am aware that this isn’t his first time actually being on the show, it is a nice thing for him to be able to say that he has finally earned the honor. I hope that his sketches will be amazing and that his nerves dont break him down too much before hosting the show. I don’t want to see him go through what Ashlee Simpson did back around 10 years ago. He doesn’t need bad PR at all right now.

How do you feel about Justin hosting SNL? It is exciting news for anyone, especially for anyone who grew up watching celebrities host the show. It is a huge deal for some and I am sure he must feel like he has officially made now that he has landed that golden role. I hope that someone will be able to film it for him and make sure that he always has a keep sake copy of it. That way he will always have a way to look back at that potentially career changing night for the years to come.

article source-Nickutopia

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