Justin Bieber To Release More Hip Hop Based Songs


Justin Bieber is working to build up his pop into more hip hop flavored goodness than ever before. He recently tweeted about working with Will.I.am during his recent London trip and he is releasing a new single featuring his friend, Drake. It will be called “Right Here” and will come out the 26th of February. Drake has already talked about their song, but you can hear the audio of it down below and read all of Justin’s tweets regarding his new more hip hop sound that he is aiming for.

New single off of #BELIEVE ?? The next single u should blast up the iTunes Chart & request at radio?? I’m thinking #RightHere feat @Drake…love to my guy @iamwill . good times my friend. to the future! haha. #London

Justin seems excited to see what his future will hold musically. I personally cannot wait to see where he goes next and perhaps even venture out even more into the rap scene. It worked out great for Justin Timberlake, so why not for him too? I mean he seems pretty clear that he wants to follow his success story and prove that he can also help bridge over the music scene like the late Michael Jackson did. Or he might just trying to work out his anger or feelings in a positive way that he can freely let go in. I suppose we will have to wait for his future collaborations to come out, but at least his new single will warm us up to it.

How do you like Justin’s new hip hop direction? It seems normal since that was his goal and as he grows older, the more like Usher he becomes. Hopefully not before too long we will get to see more of this side, but at least he has been slowly stepping into that arena and is allow his fans to adjust. He knows how to hold his own, but it is always good to know that you have a few big names pulling for you in that genre. That has to help put his and Scooter Braun’s feelings at ease a little more.

article sources-Justin Bieber via Twitter and Cambio

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  1. magnacious

    March 4, 2013 at 8:10 am

    i am very glad to heard that news Justin Bieber To Release More Hip Hop Based Songs.cant wait

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