Ian Somerhalder Of The Vampire Diaries Photo Bombed At Celebrity Beach Bowl


The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder has been one busy tweeter as of late and they have been interesting to say the least. Case in point is of his latest tweet, which was of a photo bomb that took place in New Orleans during the Celebrity Beach Bowl. Sitting in the audience and taking a self-portrait, he was photo bombed by Neil Patrick Harris. In the photo you see Neil sticking his tongue out and stretching so he could be included in the photo. Luckily for him, Ian seemed to be more amused than mad or annoyed at the fun prank that has taken the Internet by storm. However, unlike most photo bombs, Neil appeared to be trying to make that happen as his goal. Here is what Ian shared with the comical photo.

Sometimes you get photo bombed by Neil Patrick Harris… Awesomeness

What a great sport Ian is! All he needs to do is photo bombed Neil back on day and the boys can call it even, right? I will admit that it was a fun prank and likely way too good for him to pass up on. Best of all, he basically got a free shout out for it. How amazing is that? I say very, but that could be just me and my own geekiness. I am sure they will both look back on this photo and laugh for years to come since it was a crazy (but fun) idea. It belongs in the Internet museum of photo bombs if you ask me, that is how good I personally think it turned out.

How do you like the photo? Was it funny or should Neil by ashamed for ruining Ian’s photo? It was fun and I would think most would agree. Just look at even how Ian took it! He handled it with humor, grade and stride, which I am sure he would want his fans to follow. It was just a fun photo to take and share with his fans, so it wasn’t like photo bombing a wedding photo or anything. Plus we all already know just how comical Neil is, he isn’t known for his seriousness at all. If he was, do you think he would have had some of the roles that he has had in the past few years? No, because nobody wants someone extremely serious in family films. So lets all laugh this off and wait for the day when Ian gets his own revenge.

image source-Ian Somerhalder via Twitter

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