Greyson Chance Pays Respect to Etta James


Greyson Chance is not your average Twitter user, when he usually tweets there is, a purpose for each one. A good example of his meaningful tweets would be his latest, in which he reflects on a late music great, Etta James. Greyson refers to her as a queen of soul and says that she will always remain his personal favorite in that genre of music. The nice tweet may seem random, but represents how Greyson uses the social network site in a very unique manner compared to his peers. He has previously shared photos of records he has been given or photos of himself with some of his favorite people, such as Lady Gaga. As for what he fully had to say about the former soul diva, here is the full tweet.

Still my favorite soul song. Etta will always be the queen. #remembered

I love that he is random on it and doesn’t mind sharing his unique musical taste. I think that just allows his fans to feel closer and like they know him well. As for Etta, I agree that she was one heck of a talented singer. It is so nice to see someone who did not grow up during her reign as a musical diva learned to grow a love for her music. It just reminds us all that music may go in and out of trend, but a good song will always remain a classic! He chose a very good song to show that to his fans, who may also need to be reminded that his career doesn’t have to always be as successful as once was. Maybe this tweet could have been a message that he was trying to send, or maybe he just wanted to share a gift of good music. Either way, he said exactly what needs to be said more often about timeless classics like “At Last”.

How do you feel about Greyson’s tweet? It was lovely of him. He has grown up to be a fine, young man who knows good music. I am hoping that his own career with get back on track and that he won’t be lost in the sea of male pop acts. I think we all could use some more of his refined gifts in our lives, even though he does not have the same kind of pull as One Direction may have right at this moment. He is still a gifted guy and I think we all could learn a little from his stance on music.

image source-Greyson Chance via Twitter & Instagram

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  1. Joseph Arriola Roblo

    February 10, 2013 at 4:06 am

    Great Job Greyson Chance!

  2. Joseph Arriola Roblo

    February 10, 2013 at 4:10 am

    Great Job Greyson Chance

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